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Landscaping For Franchises

Franchise Landscaping Increases Business

Horizon Landscaping has helped countless franchise industry clients create and maintain inviting exteriors.   We will work with you to develop a customized strategy that ensures that your outdoor space—including patios, driveways, walkways, and parking lots— are a shining representation of your brand.


Best of all, you’ll have a partner who can handle your landscaping maintenance and snow removal needs—keeping every one of your franchise locations as safe and attractive as the next. 

Landscaping Creates Positive Emotions

An impactful landscape helps to build brand equity with guest and perspective clients. Maintaining your image over time gives guests a consistent experience that attract repeat business. Landscape enhancements builds long-term value, whether you are improving an existing property or building a new one.

Maintaining Your Landscape for Guest Safety

Keeping your landscape free of hazards and ensure the safety of your guests during their stay. Horizon Landscaping's landscape maintenance teams remove weak tree limbs, storm debris, and hazardous snow and ice as part of their routine maintenance program which helps to mitigate risks.

Landscaping Helps To Control Costs For Your Facility 

An assessment of your landscaping needs allows us to identify challenges and provide creative landscaping solutions to save you money.  For instance,  strategically placed trees protect buildings from the heat reducing the cost of air conditioning and maintenance. Additionally, trees also minimize soil erosion and play an overall role in landscape sustainability. Expertly maintained Irrigation systems save money over the long term.

Wet grass

Your Trusted Commercial Landscaper in Denver, CO since 1983

Horizon Landscaping's Process 

Get in Touch

Contact us by filling out one of our forms online or by giving us a call to schedule a complimentary estimate. By providing us with some details about your project, we will be more prepared to discus your project when we meet with you.  

Site Survey

One of our landscaping specialist will come to your business to access your project. They will need to understand how much grass on your property needs mowing, the state of your flower beds, what enhancements are needed or desired, as well as,  understanding your property's snow removal needs. 

Digital Plan

Once we have a grasp of your project, we will put together a digital plan tailored to your property's specific needs. We will review this plan with you and put a proposal together based on this digital plan. If there are any modifications desired to the proposal we will work with you until it perfectly meets your needs.


Once we have an agreement in place, we will get your property on our  schedule.  Then we will get to work to ensure that you have a well-maintained property that your clients, employees, and tenants will find attractive.  We will  periodically check-in with you to ensure we surpass your expectations for years to come.

Denver Area Clients We Love To Serve

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And They Love Us Too!

We're blessed to have a 4.4 star rating on Google with more reviews than any of our competitors.


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