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Commercial Landscaping Services Denver, CO

 Commercial Landscaping in RINO since 1983

Owning any commercial land comes with many responsibilities you shouldn't ignore. One of the most important ones includes tending to the exterior landscaping because that's the first impression each person gets when visiting. It's easier to attract employees and clients to sustain your business if you've taken the time to enhance your landscape. Horizon Landscaping helps you carry the burden of manicuring and maintaining your property. We are reliable in providing Commercial Landscaping in RINO with outstanding results that keep you, and the whole community impressed.

Horizon Landscaping's Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services in RINO keeps your Property looking its best

You could probably attempt to achieve a decent landscape by yourself, but it won't be thorough like our work. There's nothing wrong with asking for help, but you must do it efficiently or risk losing time and efficiency on the job. Our Commercial landscaping services in RINO help you maintain a higher standard with a package that meets your needs on a personal level. We get to know you and your business while constructing a personalized maintenance plan that will benefit any commercial location, such as retail, industrial, schools, hospitals, and many others.

What Do Horizon Landscaping's Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services Include?

At Horizon Landscaping, our RINO Commercial landscapers will work diligently to establish a connection with you and create your vision from scratch to gain a professional appeal. Not only that, but we also help you maintain this over time despite the challenging seasonal weather in Colorado. If your landscape looks dull and dead, we can breathe new life into your property to restore it. Customizing your plan means you have more control over the final result instead of hiring multiple people to accomplish it with mixed results.

Want a Well Maintained Property?

Our full range of commercial landscape maintenance services in RINO  include:

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  • Lawn Care and Landscape Maintenance

  • Lawn mowing, edging, and trimming

  • Grass aeration and fertilizer treatments

  • Spring and fall clean ups

  • Safety pruning

  • Irrigation checks and repairs

  • Snow removal and ice management


Our routine services for Commercial Landscape Maintenance in RINO include standard cleanups during Fall & Spring, Lawn mowing, edging, pruning, irrigation repair, and even ice or snow removal to keep everyone safe. There is an incredible advantage to having more consistent services when you hire us to complete your landscaping.

We reduce your stress levels and help you to thrive despite your other daily challenges for an affordable price range. We will assign a professional account manager to your property whom you can contact anytime in emergencies. They have your well-being in mind and care about giving your landscape a healthier look.

We use the best industry equipment while helping businesses in the Denver metro area sustain their properties and endure the threats of modern landscaping that might include weeds, pests, and rampant diseases. Well-maintained property with all the services involved is rare these days, and Horizon is happy to over-deliver with professional results.

Commercial Lawn Mowing in RINO, CO

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There's nothing as fulfilling and satisfying as enjoying a freshly cut lawn that you didn't have to mow yourself. Our Commercial Landscaping in RINO ensures that each line is overlapped with precision and beauty for some hypnotic results that uplift your property and make it look better. You won't have to worry about calling us every time it gets long because we operate on a consistent and convenient schedule that's adaptive to the weather. We also handle your irrigation needs and future repairs with fast results, so things don't dry out. Our Commercial mowing services include:

Commercial Lawn Mowing services include:


• Trash and debris removal, before mowing begins

• Neatly edged curbs and walkways

• Consistent trim height along fence lines, trees, light poles, and other objects

• An emphasis on safety and respect for people and property

Commercial Fertilization & Pest Control

Most of the time, pests get ignored because some businesses might be in denial about an infestation. You might notice rough patches on your lawn or excessive insect activity flying around. This can grow worse over time because they inevitably multiply and damage your whole landscape, from your grass to flowers. Even if you don't have an insect problem, the weather is also a factor that can slow growth, and that's why we use an effective fertilizer for the grass to thrive


A typical turf program has three applications and considers the needs of each season.

1.April / May Spring Fertilizer & Pre-Emergent Weed Control

Ensures grass turns green and kills weeds.

2. June / July Fertilizer plus Broadleaf Weed Control

Maintains grass color and controls weeds into summer.

3. August / September Fertilizer plus Broadleaf Weed Control

Maintains grass color and weed control into fall.

Aeration Services in RINO

The Commercial landscaping services in RINO we offer also have the option for aeration, which we highly suggest. This is because most commercial locations are hotspots for high foot or vehicle traffic across the property and compact the soil. Weather also plays a big part in the need for soil aeration. We will effectively de-stress your lawn and give it the treatment it needs to combat the lack of oxygen.

Commercial Lawn Care and Maintenance Aeration

Insect & Disease Control

Pests and disease can wreak havoc on a landscape. Our inspections allow our team to identify these types of issues while they are small ones. If a problem is discovered, we’ll promptly inform you and suggest proper action to fix it.

Horizon Landscaping's Comprehensive Commercial Landscape Maintenance Program in RINO

You can place your confidence in our RINO Commercial landscapers because we have been successfully inspiring the Denver Metro area for years. People enjoy our genuine passion for maintaining any landscape and advising in a professional and friendly way regarding which stylistic direction to take! We will lift the morale of your employees, clients, and visitors with a fresh appeal they'll want to return to every day!


Horizon's Commercial Landscape Maintenance in RINO makes a massive difference for your commercial property. If you are serious about positively impacting your community and those you serve, consider our landscaping services because we are on your side. Call us today and we will work with you to plan and execute your dreams!

Horizon Landscaping exists to make business owners  & Property Manager's lives easier.

Increase occupancy with a stunning looking property. Tenants look at the curb appeal of the property in deciding if this is where they want to conduct their business. Let us ensure they do.

Industries We Serve 

Horizon Landscaping provides commercial landscaping services for a variety of businesses in RINO and across Colorado's Front Range.  Below are some of our more popular industries we work with. Click on the image for more information.  

Landscaping for Commercial Properties
Landscaping for Distributors
Landscaping for Education organizations such as Univeristies, Colleges, and k-12 SchoolsON-UNIVERSITY-KEVINJBEATY-02.jpg
Landscaping for Financial Institutions such as Banks, credit unions, and financial advisors
Chilis 5.PNG
Landscaping for Health Care Organizatiosn such as hospitals and doctors offices
Landscaping for Hotels
Landscaping for the Hosipitality Industry: Entertainment, Hotels, Resturants

Why Horizon Landscaping?

When looking for a commercial landscaper to assist you with maintaining and enhancing the look of your property,  it can be overwhelming with number of choices out there. Horizon Landscaping has been committed to serving businesses throughout Colorado's Front Range and the Denver Metro area with the highest-quality landscaping products and exceptional service since 1983.

Whether you need lawn maintenance, enhancements to improve the esthetics of your property such as  planting annuals, or help keeping your property clear of Snow and Ice during Denver's unpredictable winters, Horizon Landscaping is the landscaping company you can trust.  We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so you can rest easy knowing your property will be well taken care of.

Extensive Landscaping Knowledge

Exceptional Service

Friendly & Polite Staff 

Quality Materials

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Commercial Landscaping Denver

Your Trusted Commercial Landscaper in RINO CO since 1983

Horizon Landscaping's Process 

Get in Touch

Contact us by filling out one of our forms online or by giving us a call to schedule a complimentary estimate. By providing us with some details about your project, we will be more prepared to discus your project when we meet with you.  

Site Survey

One of our landscaping specialist will come to your business to access your project. They will need to understand how much grass on your property needs mowing, the state of your flower beds, what enhancements are needed or desired, as well as,  understanding your property's snow removal needs. 

Digital Plan

Once we have a grasp of your project, we will put together a digital plan tailored to your property's specific needs. We will review this plan with you and put a proposal together based on this digital plan. If there are any modifications desired to the proposal we will work with you until it perfectly meets your needs.


Once we have an agreement in place, we will get your property on our  schedule.  Then we will get to work to ensure that you have a well-maintained property that your clients, employees, and tenants will find attractive.  We will  periodically check-in with you to ensure we surpass your expectations for years to come.

Denver Area Clients We Love To Serve

Landscaping for Health Facilities such as hospitals and doctors offices
Landscaping for Resturants
Landscaping for Libraries
Hotels for Entertainment and hospitality
Landscaping for Hotels
Landscaping for Hotels
Landscaping for Senior Living & Assited Living Facilities
Landscaping for Corporate offices
Landscaping For Museums and Entertainment
Landscapig for Religious Organizations Temples, churches, mosques, and synagogues
Landscaping for Resturants
Landscaping for Resturants and Franchisees
Landscaping for government organizations
Landscaping for hosipitality, hotels, casinos, spas, and resorts

And They Love Us Too!

We're blessed to have a 4.4 star rating on Google with more reviews than any of our competitors.

Highly rated landscape service in Denver, Colorado

Want to check out our work?

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