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Commercial Landscaping
Seasonal Services 

Year-Round  Lawn Care & Landscape Services 

No matter the season, Horizon Landscaping can keep your commercial property looking its best.


Our landscape enhancement experts can help transform your property’s appearance and create a property you’ll truly be proud of.  We will make sure your property is well maintained and safe year round with our comprehensive lawn care and landscaping services.  

Here’s a quick look at some of the year-round services we can provide for your commercial property in Denver and throughout Colorado's Front Range. 

Spring Landscaping Services 

Horizon Landscaping can give your property a jumpstart for the warmer months ahead with our Spring lawn care and landscaping services, which include:

  • Spring Sprinkler Start-up

  • Spring Lawn Aeration

  • Lawn and Plant Bed Fertilization

  • Spring Cleaning

  • New Annual, Seasonal, and Perennial Plantings

Summer Landscaping Services

Help your commercial property look its best and beat the Colorado Summer heat with Horizon Landscaping. Some of our summer lawn care and landscaping services include:

  • Irrigation/ Sprinkler Inspections and Maintenance

  • Lawn Mowing and Turf Care

  • Summer Pest and Weed Control

  • Seasonal Summer Plantings

  • Tree and Shrub Care

Fall Landscaping Services

As the weather cools and the leaves begin to change color, Horizon Fencing helps your property get ready for Colorado's harsh winters. Some of our fall lawn care and landscaping services include:

  • Sprinkler Winterization

  • Fall Lawn Aeration

  • Leaf Removal

  • Overseeding

  • Flower Bed Cleanup and Winter Preparation

Winter Time Services

Even during the winter, your property deserves to be taken care of and made sure its safe for visitors. Our winter lawn care and landscaping services include:

  • Seasonal Winter Plantings and Spring Bulb Prep

  • Sprinkler Winterization

  • Debris Removal

  • Snow Removal and De-Icing

Contact Us For Year-Round Landscaping Services

Let the lawn and landscaping professionals at Horizon Fencing maintain your property in the Denver Metro regardless of the time of year. Our team has been helping property managers to improve their property’s appearance since 1983. Give us a call at 303.750.7868 or contact us online today to get started on having a well-maintained property that your tenants will love. 

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Your Trusted Commercial Landscaper in Denver, CO since 1983

The Horizon Property Services Process 

Get in Touch

Contact us by filling out one of our forms online or by giving us a call to schedule a complimentary estimate. By providing us with some details about your project, we will be more prepared to discus your project when we meet with you.  

Site Survey

One of our landscaping specialist will meet you on site to access your project. We want to understand you vision for the property and past pain points. We'll take measurements and notes in order to provide you with a quote for landscaping, enhancements, irrigation or snow removal.

Digital Plan

Once we understand your vision, we will use satellite imagery to get the most accurate measurements of each area of the property.  We then  put a proposal together and present it to you.  Modifications  are made until it perfectly meets your needs.


Once we have an agreement in place, we schedule a site walk with our Production Managers to ensure our field crews understand your expectations.  Then we  get to work to ensure that you have a well-maintained property that your clients, employees, and tenants will find attractive.  

Denver Area Clients We Love To Serve

Landscaping for Health Facilities such as hospitals and doctors offices
Landscaping For Museums and Entertainment
Landscaping for Resturants
Landscaping for Corporate offices
Landscaping for hosipitality, hotels, casinos, spas, and resorts
Landscaping for Libraries
Hotels for Entertainment and hospitality
Landscaping for Resturants and Franchisees

And They Love Us Too!

We're blessed to have a 4.4 star rating on Google with more reviews than any of our competitors.

Highly rated landscape service in Denver, Colorado
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